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11/26/07: Click here for video from MT’s last gig.
Check out the Media page for Animal Logic live video from 1989.
08/20/07: A lot of people have been asking what effect pedals MT uses so I put together a video that shows MT demonstrating one of his pedalboards. Click here to watch it. (fixed)
07/20/07: New live video added of MT on YouTube!
- You can now get Michael’s CD TRW: Rivers of Paradise featuring John Robinson on drums and Mark Williamson on vocals! Click here to check out the TRW CD at Frontiers Records. Also, you can get the new remastered version of the Michael Thompson Band: How Long at Frontiers Records.

MTSpeaks02The New CD MT Speaks Is Now Available!
Click here to buy it.
Click here to visit MT’s MySpace page - be sure to add him as a friend!


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